Whiteboard Fridays: West UC’s 3 Versions of Cloud Contact Center

December 15, 2017 mrmardis

Whiteboard Fridays: West UC’s 3 Versions of Cloud Contact Center
Kevin McMahon
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 09:00 West Cloud Contact Center Versions

The trend toward companies moving their contact centers to the cloud continues, as over 75 percent of current on-premises contact centers plan to move or evaluate a move to a cloud solution in the next year. The advantages of cloud-based contact centers are many - as a growing number of companies are realizing. As a result, the main point of consideration has shifted from “whether to move contact services to the Cloud,” to “what type of cloud-based plan works best for our company.”

West’s Unified Communications Services offers a variety of solutions within our cloud contact center product portfolio. Visualizing a pyramid of options, we’ll compare these solutions in terms of cost, complexity and available features. Beginning at the bottom, here are three sections that complete West’s cloud contact center solutions pyramid:

Comparing West’s Cloud Contact Center Solutions

So how and why would you choose one contact center solution over the other? Basically, you can start at the bottom of the contact solution pyramid and see which functionality and features will best suit your company’s needs. Following, we identify the components that make up each of the 3 primary cloud contact center offerings available from West.

West Cloud Contact
This package meets most basic contact center needs at the lowest cost and complexity. This solution provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started with West’s contact center software. This product is ideal for organizations requiring inbound calling within the United States. Usually, it is deployed in situations where customers are being serviced through an inbound contact center – whether through calls, web chat or self-service tools.

West Cloud Contact Pro
At a higher price point, this package is more complex with additional features like inbound and outbound calling, including automatic dialing. It also gives you multi-channel capabilities with voice, chat, email and SMS, plus international calling. Additionally, it offers PCI compliant call recording and integrates with West’s Workforce Management solution.

West Cloud Contact CE
At the top of the pyramid is West Cloud Contact CE, based on Cisco technology. This solution is the most fully-featured contact center solution. It contains pre-integrated third-party applications and is prepped for international communications. Essentially it offers anything a contact center could need either through the Cisco Contact Center package or using associated third-party apps.

If you are in need of a contact center solution for your organization, West has a product that will meet your needs - big or small. Whether you need an inbound-only contact center or a full-fledged international contact center that integrates with your productivity apps, West has a solution to meet your requirements. Contact us today to see how we can provide the right cloud contact center solution for you.

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