The Importance of Call Recording for Quality and Training

February 20, 2017 mellis

The Importance of Call Recording for Quality and Training
Kevin McMahon
Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:15 Call Recording Quality and Training

Whenever you call your bank, mobile phone company or utilities provider, just to name a few, you’re often met with a recorded message saying the call will be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes. It is indeed a way of monitoring the call to ensure you receive good service. It’s even helpful if there is a dispute over what was said during the call. However, to the company, call recording software can be worth its weight in gold. 

How Does Call Recording Improve Customer Service?

Call recording software is widely used in the world of call centers and is an invaluable tool to help drive up customer service and establish training needs for staff. The company first must decide what constitutes good customer service in their industry. For example, in the mobile phone industry, was the operator friendly? Was the agent knowledgeable about a particular mobile phone? Did they solve the customer’s problem? Did the customer go away satisfied with the outcome?

Once the standards of good customer service have been established (and any relevant KPIs agreed upon), then managers and supervisors can use the call center recording software for the purpose of monitoring calls. This could be on a daily, weekly or ad hoc basis depending upon the needs of the business. During the monitoring, the manager can listen to the call and judge the quality of the call against a checklist.

The knowledge gained can be used for training new staff as well as existing staff development. A new trainee may have all their calls monitored to make sure they are confident on the phone and giving out the correct information. As time goes on, such monitoring may not be needed; however, the occasional recording is useful to pick up on any development needs – like compliance with data protection, or identifying skills gaps.

Call monitoring is also useful for getting an idea of what customers actually ask for and want. The learnings can be applied to product development and marketing according to what is in demand and what isn’t.

Customer satisfaction surveys at the end of a call are especially helpful in capturing a customer’s honest opinion. This information can be used alongside call recording to improve satisfaction by making staff more knowledgeable, helpful and able to deliver outstanding customer service.

Not All Call Recording Solutions Are Created Equally

Be aware that not all recording solutions are the same and the advances in cloud technology have been significant. Cloud call recording can offer many advantages - going beyond the obvious:  cost savings, flexibility, and no reliance on hardware. Features such as CRM integration, single click to email, bookmark tagging (where you can add a note to a specific section of the call) and high speed playback will give you time savings and competitive advantage.

You can also take your business out of scope for PCI compliance, saving money on expensive annual audits without the need for customer unfriendly IVR systems or difficult to implement and manage ‘start/stop’ recording that puts you at odds with other relevant legislation. West Cloud Call Recording comes with an advanced PCI compliance module that you can simply add on if required.

Recording calls can be hugely beneficial to both the company and the customer. A company that strives to constantly improve and listens to the opinions of their customers is bound to be more successful than those that don’t.

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Truth About call Recording

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