How the Cloud Keeps Contact Centres More Secure

October 16, 2017 mrmardis

How the Cloud Keeps Contact Centres More Secure
Sandie Simms
Monday, October 16, 2017 - 12:45 Cloud Contact Centre Security

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Customer behaviour is evolving rapidly, and so are expectations. This presents an interesting challenge for businesses: how to improve the customer experience while respecting the customer’s need for privacy. Why? Because the key to a better, more personal experience for every customer lies in deriving greater insights from collected data. The more data-driven insights you have about a customer, the better you can address their needs and tailor their experience.

Both inbound and outbound strategies benefit greatly from good quality data. For example, if you have recently got a mortgage it is helpful if your bank can contact you with a great offer for home insurance. Similarly, a successful inbound contact centre strategy needs customer data to help with intelligent routing. If you have enough data about your customer, you don’t have to waste time passing customers around multiple agents who can’t help with their specific query.

The Data Security Challenge

The challenge is how to keep all the data we need to meet customer expectations safe. While no solution is completely bullet-proof, and nothing is completely un-hackable, a cloud contact centre platform such as West’s Cloud Contact Pro can offer greater security for customer data than your on-premises solution.

West’s State of Customer Experience 2017 report confirms that a cloud-based solution has become the infrastructure of choice for most businesses as it is best suited to meet their strategy requirements. At the same time, it is also best-suited for their security needs; a good cloud provider will have security measures in place to help protect you and your customers from cyber criminals, as it is in their best interest that they remain secure.

Protecting Your Reputation

The Cloud can also provide improved security if the migration is done right. A quality cloud provider will have a network of datacentres, and will comply with the international standard for information security, ISO 27001. This standard is recognised globally as the most comprehensive and robust framework for managing businesses security responsibilities. This will also be supplemented by regular intrusion detection monitoring, penetration testing and virus scanning.

Cloud users are also less likely to experience difficulty in accessing data because of technical issues. The servers in a managed data centre are actually much less likely to fall over in the first place, but they also have staff looking over them 24 hours a day, and what’s more is that everything is backed up and stored in off-site data storage centres.

At West, we design security into its products at an application level. We deliver web browser based applications, and ensure that all access our cloud service is protected by HTTPS encryption - the same level of encryption as internet banking security. Applications also undergo daily penetration testing to ensure they are safe from potential hacks, and that PCI compliance is ensured.

PCI-DSS Compliance

In order to achieve compliance with PCI-DSS, the regulation around the storage of cardholder data, West has been required to build and maintain a secure network to protect payment card information, implement strong access control measures and pass quarterly remote vulnerability scans. Our data centres are PCI-DSS certified and all West applications are PCI-ready. We are also active members of the PCI-DSS Security Standards Council. These guarantees, together with our ISO 27001 certification, provide our customers with an extremely high level of reassurance and means they don’t need to obtain this certification themselves.

The digitally savvy customer is not only changing their behaviours and expectations from a customer experience standpoint. They are also more aware than ever of the potential of fraud, and are very concerned about identity theft and data breaches. If contact centres want to stand out from the competition, security cannot be overlooked. Migrating to a cloud-based platform, built with multichannel customers in mind, can improve the customer experience cost-effectively. And, at the same time, they can offer a far more secure alternative to on-premises software.

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