10 Tips to Improve Contact Center Quality Scores & Customer Service

April 24, 2017 mellis

10 Tips to Improve Contact Center Quality Scores & Customer Service
Kevin McMahon
Monday, April 24, 2017 - 11:00 Contact Center Quality Scoring

Quality score is an important metric that helps to improve customer service, encourages staff motivation, and identifies training and development opportunities. Call centers are increasingly utilizing call scoring evaluation forms when analyzing live or recorded calls.

Beyond that, it's important to make coaching and training sessions a regular scheduled occurrence and a normal part of the work week. Here are ten quick tips to make staff development a more meaningful part of your normal training routine.

1. Integrate Coaching Sessions During Slow Hours

It makes sense to run coaching sessions during quieter times, like when you typically experience low connection rates or fewer incoming calls/chats/email inquiries etc. Make the most of tools that manage this automatically for you. Integrated workforce management tools can calculate the best time of day and day of the week to run training based on the natural peaks and troughs within your business. 

2. Monitor Interactions with Screen Recording

Use screen recording along with call recording and score the call quality while also viewing the synchronized on-screen agent activity of the agent. This gives you a comprehensive view of performance and greater overall insight, putting you in a much stronger position to understand what needs to happen to take your customer experiences to the next level.

3. Expand Analytics Across Channels

Cross channel performance analytics can handle a variety of media, so don’t restrict quality management simply to the voice channel. Today’s contact center must offer a consistent, high quality experience across all agent interactions regardless of channel.

4. Fully Utilize Quality Monitoring Tools

Make sure you have real-time quality monitoring tools in place with dashboards, alerts and KPIs. Instant alerts can flag any calls that need attention (per pre-set rules) or that are deviating from the norm. With real-time information, you can quickly respond to any issues before they are escalated into problems.

5. Set and Reinforce Expectations

Ensure everyone is aware of what is expected and the importance of these standards. The company culture should echo this and staff should be surrounded by this from day one. Make sure that agents are involved and can score their own calls.

6. Listen to Customers

Use quality scoring in conjunction with customer satisfaction surveys for greater insight and to sense check the processes.

7. Focus Coaching Around Extraordinary Calls (good or bad)

Don’t waste time assessing calls that are just average. Use coaching sessions wisely and focus in on only those calls that are either very good or very bad.

8. Encourage Peer Coaching Throughout the Contact Center

Have your very high-scoring agents help other agents. Peer coaching is often less intimidating to new starters plus it provides a career path for the high-performing staff.

9. Review the Effectiveness of Training

Don’t assume staff training is working effectively. It's important to follow up soon after the training to reinforce the new skills or information. Then schedule further evaluations that will allow you to compare metrics before and after training sessions.

10. Mix Things Up

A good way to keep training fresh is to swap agents and supervisors around. Getting different people to run the coaching sessions can bring new ideas and a different perspective.

Within the call center, quality monitoring is vital. Make sure that this is built into the company ethos and day to day life of the business. It should also be continually monitored for effectiveness with a cycle of continuous improvement. It's not just quality score that will improve; with happier staff and improved customer service, it's much easier to keep ahead of the competition and build a loyal following.

If you'd like to learn more about improving customer service and the impact it has on your bottom line, read our research whitepaper "Converting Customer Experience into Revenue."

Customer Experience to Revenue

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